Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Google Effect

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The Google™ Effect
Learn About Your Prospect Before the Appointment!

Do you know enough about your prospects and potential strategic partners when you meet for that first appointment?

The Internet can tremendously aid your business in many different ways. One of the great benefits is Google™, the world's leading search engine, aptly located at www.google.com. This search engine allows you to access a wealth of information about people – possibly those with whom you seek to form a relationship. Use this utility to research backgrounds on individuals prior to meeting with them.

As sales people, we've been told, "Use your mouth less and your ears more," especially on the first few appointments. That gives us a clearer view of our prospective clients' and referral partners' hot buttons.

Often, because of our insecurity as sales people, we present our sales pitch too aggressively. We essentially toss darts at a dartboard and hope to come close to hitting the bull's eye. That's where Google™ comes in handy. Consider the value of walking into an appointment, armed with the knowledge of a prospective client's goals and interests.

Many people have Web pages loaded with personal information about their family, their hobbies and their successes. The more data you gather about your contacts, the better you can tailor your presentations to suit their needs and desires.

By doing a little preliminary research, your interactions will dramatically improve. This will lead to an increased conversion ratio from prospect to client.

Here's another hot tip! Would you like a quick listing of all the professionals in a certain field in your area? Try http://local.google.com, and put in the name of the profession (for example, "CPA"), along with your zip code. Google™ combines search data with Yellow Pages references to compile an amazing list of professionals, including business phone numbers, addresses, as well as links to their websites. You can use this information to develop strategic partnerships in a variety of fields.
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